Shift from Cost to Value

Over the past few years, the maritime industry has seen a steady increase in the uptake of maritime VSAT, as the financial predictability of flat monthly rates grows ever more appealing against traditional pay per use (MSS) communication. Importantly VSAT services also offer further operational enhancements thanks to the applications and capabilities that can be supported.

Today, communications have moved from being a pure function on board to being a facilitator for significant operational functions and benefits.



• Communications separate from ship operations

• Focus on limiting costs

• Shipboard functions retrofitted to the available technology


Today and into the future

• Current and future requirements are driving design of next generation systems

• SPs looking to leverage and evolve existing investments into the future

• Vessel owners/operators looking to leverage investment to maximise operational efficiencies and ROI

• Increasing awareness of ROI vs. simply reducing costs



Knowing what the right solution is for you

Understanding whether VSAT is the right option for your maritime operation, or whether it might be in the future, should start with an analysis of your current needs and existing communications costs.

A strong benefit of VSAT is the ability to predict budgets and costs thanks to fixed monthly charges, whereas comparatively, running an MSS solution onboard can lead to fluctuations and volatile variations in costs on a monthly basis. 
Consider whether your existing communications costs follow a stable pattern or if your costs are fluctuating month-on-month.


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