Vessel & Fleet Operations

With the ever-increasing technological demands placed on modern businesses and the development of multimedia – video conferencing, conference calling, streaming movies, etc. – there is an increasing possibility that you will soon need to support expanded communications access to and from shore.

With a VSAT solution, business critical applications can be run onboard since unlimited bandwidth is included within the fixed monthly price. Instant access to more ‘data hungry’ applications, such as Local Area Networks, weather information, route planners, remote monitoring, etc. can offer significant improvements to operational efficiency.
Below are just some of the ways in which a VSAT solution may enhance your business performance:


  • Vessels will be part of your Local Area Network on landvessel_fleet operations_new
  • Vessels can run many of the same applications as you run in your office
  • More effective purchasing, maintenance planning, quality assurance and control can be executed onboard
  • Crew can participate in further education and training
  • Remote updates and maintenance of the onboard PC network and servers can take place
  • Large video and photo files can be sent quickly and more cost effectively
  • Crew can participate in conference calls and video conferences
  • Less travel is required as less assistance is needed from shore
  • Remote monitoring and control of fuel consumption, engine and other systems can reduce fleet operational costs

All of the above arguments for VSAT offer powerful advantages to vessel and fleet operators and can enhance your growth and profits.




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