Five technologies to transform maritime in 2019

Shipping is just beginning to reap some of the benefits in operational efficiency improvements, emissions and expenditure reductions, safer navigation and regulatory compliance that digitalisation has to offer.

Digital momentum is building within the industry along with a push to achieve greater levels of autonomy, full adoption of artificial intelligence, crewless ships, blockchain-controlled logistics and integrated ship-port operations.

With these dynamic forces set to shape the business of shipping for decades to come, Maritime Digitalisation & Communications has used our own analytics to predict the five biggest trends for the year ahead…

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Maritime VSAT market set for huge three-year growth

Maritime VSAT revenues are set to grow by more than 13.7% to 2021 according to a new report. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global market will grow at a compounded annual growth rate of 13.74% during that period.

They highlighted that VSAT market growth was driven by multiple industry trends including an increasing need for VSAT on fishing vessels and ships involved in maritime surveillance.

Technavio also identified improving maritime domain awareness, anti-piracy and commodity tracking as key drivers for installing more maritime VSAT services. Crew welfare requirements and ship monitoring are also drivers…

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What is Maritime and VSAT? Here’s all you need to know.